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Tim Sparrow  DO

Classical Osteopathic Lecture - Workshop Series 

Here are four  examples of  Osteopathic lectures in the lecture series provided by Tim Sparrow DO .

Each lecture  builds upon the foundation of the writings and applied techniques  of  J.M.Littlejohn  , A,T,Stills colleague and founder of the British School of Osteopathy ,Uk  and one of its first graduates , John Wernahm DO and colleague T.E. Hall  .  

Each lecture  provides a connection between  the classical osteopathic philosphy of the 19oos  with contemporary environment of todays   osteopathy , with appropriate reference to  Ost.  research, where possible. 

Spinal - Oscillation 

Application and allostasis 

Spinal oscillatory technique and
its application in reducing allostasis and
re-establish pt wellness/wellbeing 
( 2-day)

Fascia Revisited 

Integrated fascial technique 

Development upon Eda Rolfs approach to integrated technique ,T. Myers myofascial trains and their treatment integration within the "Body Adjustment" - Lecture/workshop
( 3-day )

Osteopathy &  Geriatrics 

Lecture series -  Ost. considerations 

Ost. Geriatrics - considerations in treatment, physical/physiological changes with aging, geriatric giants, concepts within OMT, Clinical  considerations, reviewed Ost.research, bedside treatment ,
Lecture/ workshops
( 3-day )

Multiple Sclerosis

Body Unity - integrateed ost. treatment

Integrated multisystems approach to the osteopathic managment of MS ,case study .inc. treatment outcome measures and device assisted motoric / neur-muscular re-(h)abilittion
( 2-Day)

Osteopathy Lecture Series

Tim Sparrow DO , MICO,MGOsC(UK),MIO(UK)

Tim qualified in 1990 from the Maidstone College of Osteopathy and then worked as Co-principal at the John Wernham Academy of Osteopathy in Belgium until 1995 and in private practice in the UK until 2000 .

He was part of the team responsible for establishing and developing the Bsc of Ost . Medicine courses and research at the the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine (UK) .

He is a part of the lecture team within the Foundation and Advanced courses in Classical Osteopathy within the UK and associate ....

Classical Osteopathic Lecture - Workshop Series

"Integrating the philosphy and applied technique of  the founders and pioneers of  osteopathy in todays lecture- workshop environment  ".
Tim Sparrow DO, MGOsC,(uk) ,MIO (uk), Classical Osteopath